YA.NIGHTS is a new gathering at the bridge where young adults can come as they are to learn about and experience the love of God.

Each Sunday, we gather at 6:30pm in the atrium to connect with new friends and familiar faces over coffee and snacks. This is followed by a young adult-led service from 7:00-8:30pm, which ends off with us back in the atrium or in the gym to hang out and drink more coffee (cause who doesn’t love coffee!?!).

We invite you to come as you are  every Sunday night.


The Bridge, A Markham Community Church
5440 16th Avenue
Markham, ON L3P 3J3

2017 Schedule

We gather every Sunday night starting at 6:30pm as a young adult community to journey authentically with each other, to discover a deeper understanding of Christ, and to allow us to openly explore faith.

Please see the schedule below for more info:

October 2017

Sunday 1st – YA.NIGHTS | Auditorium
Sunday 8th – YA.NIGHTS | Auditorium
Sunday 15th – YA.NIGHTS | Auditorium
Sunday 22nd – YA.NIGHTS | Auditorium

November 2017

Sunday 5th – YA.NIGHTS | Auditorium
Sunday 10th – YA.SOCIAL.NIGHTS | TBD
Sunday 12th – YA.NIGHTS | Auditorium
Sunday 19th – YA.NIGHTS | Auditorium
Sunday 26th – YA.NIGHTS | Auditorium

December 2017

Sunday 3rd – YA.XMAS.NIGHTS* | Auditorium

*Last gathering of 2017.

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About YA

We are a ministry at the bridge in Markham, Ontario that desires to support young adults that finds themselves at a crossroad, who are asking deep questions about life, and who long to make real connections.

It is here that we hope to discover who we are in Jesus, why the gospel changes everything, and how together  we can become transformed people impacting our world in Christ.

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Samuel Chung, Young Adults Pastor

the bridge – a markham community church
5440 16th Avenue
Markham, ON L3P 3J3


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